Cowboy Mike and Winston go to the Racetrack


Dr. Julie Visits Cowboy Mike and Winston. Cowboy Mike’s books have opened the door for all the fantasies and a wonderful joyride to the cowboy world. This children’s book is about cowboy Mike and Winston, a miniature pony. The book is about Dr. Julie’s day at Blue Mountain Ranch conducting Winson’s yearly¬†well checkup and makes sure that Cowboy Mike is taking care of Winston. Children always have their fascinations and love for horses and this wonder that they have is now further lightened up with the wonderful Children’s book. Cowboy Mike and Winston have a series of books


“Cowboy Mike and Winston Go to The Racetrack”. As Cowboy Mike and Winston take a trip to the racetrack to learn how hard the horses train and they meet Molly Anderson, a professional horse trainer. You can order this book on Amazon or the hard copy at Barnes and Noble.


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