Donate a Book to a Child

Pony 4 Precious has a book donation program for children. If you or your company is looking to give back and help educate children on horses and miniature ponies, you love to see a child’s eyes light up when they learn about Cowboy Mike and Winston and also support an amazing charity. Pony 4 Precious has teamed up with Michael Eastwood, supporting cowboys for life, for the “Donate a Book to a Child program.” For a $12 donation, (plus a shipping charge of $3.00 shipped anywhere in the USA) a child will receive a brand new autographed hard copy book about Cowboy Mike and Winston living on a Blue Mountain Ranch in Prescott Arizona. Through this program, you can promote the habit of the reading story for preschoolers.

If you would like a book signing at your business, company event, or anywhere you like. Cowboy Mike will attend a book signing at the place you determine. (If you purchase one of the book packages) You should see how the children respond to Cowboy Mike as they get so excited to meet Cowboy Mike when receiving a book. This program starts at 50 books minimum. All proceeds for the children’s books donation program are donated to Pony 4 Precious charity.


  • 50 Single Book Program = $500.00
  • 100 Single Book Program = $1,000.00
  • 200  Single Book Program = $2,000,00

We do offer more books programs on a larger scale just ask!


  • Donate Books to a Foster Child Program
  • A Children Hospital
  • Children Charities
  • Corporate Events
  • Large Book School Event
  • Birthday Parties
  • Sporting Events

You can donate $15 and we will give a book to a child in your name

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This is a 100% tax-deductible program as Pony 4 Precious is a 501c3 charity registered with the IRS and a Platinum level with Guidestar. *If outside Phoenix Arizona or in another state then all Cowboy Mike expenses will be covered by the company that order the book program. Cowboy Mike and Pony 4 Precious will pick what book will be donated at each event. 

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