Discover the Magic of Prescott, Arizona in the Latest ‘Cowboy Mike and Winston’ Adventure

Cowboy Mike and Winston, the miniature pony, enjoying a day together.

Discover the Magic of Prescott, Arizona in the Latest ‘Cowboy Mike and Winston’ Adventure

In the enchanting world of children’s literature, few series capture the essence of adventure and learning as effectively as the beloved Cowboy Mike and Winston series by acclaimed author Michael Eastwood. This fall, prepare your young readers for an exciting new chapter as Cowboy Mike and his trusty horse, Winston, embark on a journey to explore the historic and picturesque town of Prescott, Arizona, in their latest book, “Cowboy Mike and Winston Explore Prescott, Arizona.”

A Fusion of Adventure and Education

This new addition to the series is not just another storybook; it is a gateway to the rich history and vibrant culture of Prescott, Arizona. Known for its beautiful landscapes and significant historical landmarks, Prescott comes alive through the masterful storytelling of Michael Eastwood, making it an educational tool as well. Children will not only enjoy the thrilling adventures of Cowboy Mike and Winston but will also learn about the geographical significance and historical context of the places they visit, enhancing their knowledge and curiosity.

Stunning Artwork by Wendy Yu

The narrative is brilliantly complemented by the stunning artwork of Wendy Yu, whose illustrations bring the adventures to vivid life. Yu’s unique artistic style, characterized by vibrant colors and expressive characters, captures the essence of Prescott’s charm and the excitement of exploration. Each page is a visual treat, encouraging children to immerse themselves fully in the story and the settings.

A Heartfelt Contribution to Charity

In a remarkable gesture of generosity, Michael Eastwood has committed to donate 100% of the proceeds from the sales of this book to Pony 4 Precious, a charity dedicated to providing education and equine therapy to children. This commitment not only enhances the value of purchasing the book but also aligns with the educational and philanthropic ethos that Eastwood and his series represent.

Where to Purchase

The book is available for purchase on major retail platforms like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. By choosing to buy this book, readers not only get a wonderful story to share with their children but also contribute to a noble cause, supporting both the preservation of history and charitable efforts for children’s education and welfare.

A Perfect Addition to Any Young Reader’s Library

“Cowboy Mike and Winston Explore Prescott, Arizona” is an essential addition to any child’s library, particularly those who love stories of exploration and discovery. It’s an ideal read for parents and educators seeking to instill a love of reading and learning in children, offering a perfect blend of fun, education, and philanthropy.

Educational Value and Interactive Learning

Beyond the story, the book serves as an excellent resource for educators and parents looking to introduce children to geography and history in an engaging way. The interactive elements of the book, including maps and factual sidebars, provide an enriching experience that goes beyond traditional reading. It encourages interactive learning, where children can engage with content, ask questions, and perhaps even get inspired to visit Prescott themselves one day.


With “Cowboy Mike and Winston Explore Prescott, Arizona,” Michael Eastwood continues to enrich the world of children’s literature by providing stories that are not only enjoyable but also educational and ethically inspiring. This book is a testament to the power of storytelling as a tool for education and a beacon of philanthropy. As we anticipate the release of this exciting new chapter, let us prepare to embrace the adventure, the learning, and the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of many through our support of Pony 4 Precious. Visit

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